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Batkid Begins (Trailer)

Fastball | “Out Of My Head” (Video)

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Satanists want to use Hobby Lobby decision to exempt women from anti-abortion laws



"The Satanic Temple set up a website where women seeking an abortion can print out a letter for her healthcare provider explaining why she is exempt from informed consent mandates.

The letter reads that ‘[a]ll women who share our deeply held belief that their personal choices should be made with access to the best available information, undiluted by biased or false information, are free to seek protection with this exemption whether they are members of the Satanic Temple or not.’”


COMING SOON: The Supreme Court decides Christianity is the only  religion

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Ouija [Trailer] (2014)

Dess | “Fighting Fish ” (Video)


—Modern Man's Hustle

The first time I met the Devil was at a Motel 6
She left Hell to spend a weekend on Earth just for kicks
Sexy little bitch, shorter than expected
About five-foot five big an’ thick in the breast and thighs
Beautiful, dark eyes a strong stare
Large lips, soft hands and long hair
I said I’ll make you smile for the simple fact I’m good at it
I’ll make you smile just so I can sit and look at it..

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